CRM Support

Who supports your CRM Systems? IT systems? In a report from Ovum in Oct 2010 Peter Ryan says that “Healthcare, government and utilities will emerge as the industries with the strongest growth for the CRM outsourcing market in 2011.  In fact their growth rate will be well in excess of the overall industry rate for the next few years.” For smaller businesses with 5 to 50 staff using Microsoft Dynamics CRM how do you get the support you need to maintain and optimise the effectiveness of the CRM system.

CRM SupportCustomers of MrCRM have found an answer. They buy support contracts which provide them the skills and focus that in-house staff may not have, or don’t have time for.

Many customers take the Platinum Support Contract. At $1800 per month it may seem expensive but what do you get?

  • Unlimited number of support incidences. Got a question, contact us.
  • Response time is 4 hours maximum. More often it is immediate. Your business keeps on going.
  • Proactive CRM updates and upgrades. Your staff are not having to maintain the system.
  • Full value. If you don’t use the time in support, use the time for monthly consultancy in lieu of support. Use it to enhance workflows and the system, to get training and get more value out of your investment in CRM.

IT wages continue to rise. There is a shortage of skilled support services. Instead of employing your own staff, you can focus on your customers, knowing your system is current, efficient and effective.

MrCRM also provides Basic, Silver or Gold packages which provide 20, 60 or 100 incidences throughout a year. If you are having difficulty employing or keeping good staff, contact us to find out more.

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